‘Lopes Sunrise with Ellie & Sarah

So glad I was able to meet these two today! Ellie and Sarah are two peas in a pod who are so fun to be around. They are so easy to photograph and I am so excited to share these photos with you all. I couldn’t just pick ten of my favorites because so many turned out so beautiful! Ellie and Sarah you both are beautiful souls and I am so excited to see you enter the world of nursing. You will succeed anywhere you go and I’m looking forward to see all that you will do. Congrats!img_1903aimg_1836aimg_1747aimg_1548aimg_2074aimg_1949aimg_2099aimg_1963aimg_1651aimg_2093aimg_1824aimg_1926aimg_1606aimg_1812aimg_2116aimg_1942aimg_2108aimg_2026aimg_1934aimg_1620aimg_1780aimg_1628aimg_1576aimg_2114aimg_1910a


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