Bousema Dutch Adventure

November 13th had the privilege of taking my sweet friend, Anika’s, photos for her upcoming graduation in December. Anika has worked tremendously hard, sacrificed greatly, and has made her way to the end of her last semester of her BSN. I am so proud of this friend and cannot believe this day is approaching! I remember the day you recieved the news of entering the program and you did it! Thank you for letting me celebrate you in this great achievement.14639696_10211689405737187_3068945185708765256_n15032740_10211689405857190_2478021656362224510_n14953890_10211689411217324_4804790175232397731_n14955785_10211689408617259_803366204941780023_n14991829_10211689412817364_8866420072936288330_n15032266_10211689409577283_7529726435026943617_n15073406_10211689405537182_3802847589189153112_n15078985_10211689410657310_8525160769356698168_n15095028_10211689409817289_9084491454766806589_n


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